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Estate Planning Attorney Brooklyn

Estate Planning Attorney Brooklyn

Estate Planning

An estate plan is a fundamental issue to consider as you get older in life. You need to set your affairs in order and make adequate plans that would determine what would happen to your estate at the event of your death, and this is just about the right time to seek the services of an estate planning attorney Brooklyn.

There are several laws and protocols that regulates estate planning in Brooklyn and it is the duty of the estate planning attorney to educate you on this. With his immense legal capacity and expertise, he’ll ensure that all your wishes concerning your personal and estate affairs are well taken care of when you get old or become incapacitated, and he’ll take legal actions on your behalf to ensure that you receive whatever healthcare benefits that is due you through the provisions of the law.

The estate planning attorney Brooklyn — unlike other lawyers who are simply after your penny — is an empathic lawyer, having deep considerations for your personal needs and coming up with the best possible legal measures that are of your best interests. If you’re unsure about the best way to distribute your assets to each of your surviving family members without causing dispute between them, all you need do is contact the estate planning attorney and he’ll lay out several options for you, enlighten you on the outcome of each option, and offer also professional advice on the best option to choose.

Legal capacities of the estate planning Attorney Brooklyn

Estate planning and real estate

The estate planning attorney Brooklyn advises clients on the drawing out and implementation of certain plans which reflect their desires concerning the protection and disposal of their assets, as well as reducing estate taxes while providing security for the surviving family. The attorney helps clients in drafting of Last Wills, because in the absence of a valid last will, the state decides who inherits from the property. He clearly maps out the estate plan such that any future probate or estate administration issues are abated.
There are several complexities which could affect an estate plan such as obtaining adequate kinship and asset information. The estate planning attorney works closely with his clients, ensuring that all relevant information are obtained to avoid having an invalid will or hiccups for your family during probate.
Also, there may be tenants residing in the real estate of the deceased. Such tenants must first have to be evicted legally before the estate can be disposed or distributed among beneficiaries. The estate planning attorney is well versed in this area also, and will represent the best interests of any client involved in such an eviction case.


This is an essential tool in an estate plan. The estate planning attorney Brooklyn has the legal powers to issue for you a trust document, granting a total transfer of your assets into the legal ownership of a trustee.
Two major importance of having a Trust is that

  • It eliminates the need of a probate
  • Estate taxes are reduced or completely avoided.

There are several kinds of trust such as an irrevocable trust, and it’s the duty of the estate planning attorney Brooklyn to enlighten you on the best option that suits your needs.


When a person in Brooklyn becomes incapacitated, it is mandated by the Guardianship court in Brooklyn to declare a Guardian for the person. This Guardian becomes responsible for handling the personal and estate affairs of the incapacitated person. But before a Guardian is appointed, incapacitation must be proved, and this is another area where the estate planning attorney becomes relevant. He’ll perform close investigations on the person, checking to see if they can perform basic things on their own e.g paying of bills, and he’ll then have to prove this to the law court.

Do you have an estate in Brooklyn? Or do you have an elderly loved one and are worried about who will handle their affairs? Why worry anymore? All you have to do today is contact an estate planning attorney Brooklyn, and he’ll speedily come to your rescue.

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