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Elder Lawyer Brooklyn | Your best Attorney

Elder Lawyer Brooklyn

What Does an Elder Lawyer Brooklyn Do?

As many other things in life, Elder Law was birthed out of arising need. It became a specialized branch of the legal profession as a result of the ever-growing population of senior citizens in the country. Back in 2015, the Census conducted recorded almost 48 million senior citizens over 65 years of age and that figure is expected to increase up to 98 million by the year 2060. While having a long life span is a thing of joy, with it comes a lot of problems that affect the individual, and while friends and family can be helpful, nothing beats investing in an Elder Lawyer Brooklyn who specializes in handling the legal affairs that arise with age.

Elder Law has it’s focus on old adults.

The purpose of the Elder Lawyer Brooklyn is to help aging citizens in Brooklyn navigate through the tempests that accompanies age.

An Elder Lawyer offers legal assistance in matters such as:

choosing a retirement plan

putting your estate issues in order

making decisions on long-term care

And a plethora of other challenges that come with age.

How the Practice of Elder Law Began

Elder Law is backed by the part of the constitution called the Older Americans Act (OAA). This Act was the first move by the government to give a wide range constitutional provisions for senior citizens, and with it began the practice of Elder Law.

This Act (OAA) was created to ensure that the average senior citizen gets access to services that will keep them healthy and on good standard of living for as long as possible. The Act provides for allocation of varying amounts of money to each state to cater for the up-keep of the aged, granting them access to

  • adequate health care;
  • retirement income;
  • long-term care and housing;
  • among other services required to keep the senior citizen in good conditions.

Elder Lawyers Brooklyn are lawyers who have undergone professional training in these issues affecting senior citizens, and having legal powers to fight for your rights.

In what areas can the Elder Lawyer Brooklyn help you?

1. Estate planning and creation of wills
As you get older, there is need to set in order your estate and create a Will that puts your assets into the hands of another person. The Elder Lawyer Brooklyn will give you professional advice and may also help you draft your will.

2. Social security

The Elder Lawyer in Brooklyn will help you apply for Social Security benefits that you’re entitled to when you’ve attained age of 61 and nine months old.

3. Medicare & Medicaid, and Long term care.

Medicaid quite differs from Medicare. While all senior adults in the State above 65 qualifies for Medicare; only low-income adults, pregnant women and children, invalids and those with disabilities, are entitled to Medicaid benefits.
You might have to leave your home and go to a nursing home for a long-term care.

4. Employment discrimination
The Age Discrimination Act makes it an offense for any employer to give you unfair treatment because of your age. This Act affects all citizens above 40, and an Elder Lawyer Brooklyn will help you remedy any such situation you find yourself.

5. Elder abuse
You may not be receiving the benefits due to you, or you may be taken advantage of or even hurt because of your helplessness due to your age. An Elder Lawyer Brooklyn will file a complaint regarding this, and ensure you’re been treated with utmost care.

Questions to ask when choosing an Elder Lawyer Brooklyn

Before hiring an attorney, you should consider asking these questions to avoid hiring the wrong or incompetent person:

How long has the Lawyer been in practice?

Does he or she specialize in a particular area of law?

What percentage of their time do they dedicate to Elder Law?

How much is his or her charges?

What information should you present to him, given the nature of your predicament?

Now, having known all that, it’s time for you to contact an Elder Lawyer Brooklyn closest to you today!